Who gets Salary Slip?

A salary slip is only accessible to the salaried employee and your employer is in charge forgiven that you a copy of your payslip every month. Some lesser companies might not regularly provide a salary slip and, in such cases, you may ask your employer for a Salary Certificate. Like most employers provide digital payslips, others may provide physical copies of the same.

Describe Salary slip:

It is very important for a professional to distinguish what is salary slip. If a professional has no idea what a salary slip is, he/she can have a lot of difficulties completing his/her documentation paperwork while applying for a job in future. It is a legal unit & can be better explained as a stamped paper provided by an employer. The reason for the issue this document is to provide details of an employee’s salary. For those who can’t understand what is a salary payslip? let me clear that salary slip is known as salary payslip. Next time when your employer asks about your salary payslip, don’t be mystified with the word. different components include HRA, TA, any bonus, etc are mention in s full fashion. This document also provides details of deduction made for a particular time period. restricted by law, salary slips have to be provided periodically by the employer as evidence of salary payments made to an employee.

How you apply for a Salary slip:

After knowing that what is salary slip, another important question is, asking for an original salary slip. Usually, a lot of employees have this misunderstanding that the terms of salary slips are a large firm practice. However, it must be noted that an employee can ask for some form of payslip from an employer no issue whatever the size of the firm.

There is no set format for a payslip,  any document that bears the stamp of the firm provides details of salary components with any deduction made, can be considered a payslip then again, the following department or responsible department heads can also provide salary slips:

Importance of Salary Slip:

Salary Slips are useful for many important reasons.

1) Income Tax Calculation:

Salary slips help out the inaccurate calculation of income tax billed along with deciding how much refund can an employee claim for a financial jobs year.

2) Access to Government Facilities:

Monthly payslips open a wide entrance for employees to attain access to various government subsided schemes. These include subsidies in state-run medical care, subsidized rates for food grains, etc.

3) Applying for Loans:

To benefit various bank credits, loans or other bank borrowings, monthly payslips play a very important role in deciding the credit limit. Every financial institution mandatorily wants a monthly payslip of an employee before considering a loan. This is done to assess creditworthiness & ability to repay the loan in a set amount of time. Payslips also act as a pledge of repayment from employees' end towards the financial institution.

4) Negotiating Salary:

Salary Payslip helps as a pivot for concession with the new employer. It acts as a bargaining chip for both employees as well as an employer. An employee can better bargain for an increase in salary, whereas the employer can reach a deciding salary amount to be paid.

5) Legal Proof:

Pay Slips are incontrovertible legally valid proof of employment associated with a particular firm. Nowadays while applying for visas or in search of admission for doctorate degrees in global universities, it’s important to provide details of employment along with valid monthly payslips.

Components of salary slip:

Since a salary slip contains a full break up of salary, however largely payslips can be broken down in two major parts, Income & Deductions.

1) Income:

This component usually determines the monthly pay of an employee. Income includes,

Basic Salary:

Basic Salary is the permanent part of monthly salary. Usually, it's fixed at 35-40% of the total take-home salary.

Dearness Allowance:

This is an unusual allowance paid to an employee to minimize market inflation impact. This is provided to strike a balance between inflation rate & current income of an employee.

House Rent Allowance (HRA):

HRA is simply a form of rental refund feature which is paid as a part of monthly salary. This is usually determined by the location of the rented property and usually comprises of 40-50% of the basic salary.

Conveyance allowance:

Also known as Travel Allowance, Conveyance allowance is a salary component which provides an unusual allowance to travel to &  from home to work.


Leave travel allowance is an allowance provided to an employee, causing him/her financially along with immediate family members’ while he/she is on official leave.

Medical Allowance:

This component covers all necessary medical expenses incurred during the term of employment.

Bonus & Other Special Allowances:

This component of the salary is not set & is provide on a timely root depending upon performance, or any other parameter prefixed by a firm to encourage an employee & keep him/her motivated.

2) Deductions:

The mentioned mechanism are deducted from monthly take-home salary, therefore these components are found in the deduction section of the monthly payslip.

Provident Fund:

Employees Provident Fund is a legal compulsory contribution that gets deducted every month towards an employee’s provident fund account wherein the same amount of contribution is made from an employer’s end. An employee can, in turn, declare this amount as his/her bonus.

Professional Tax:

A minimal amount of tax is deducted from an employee’s salary every month as a professional tax paid towards the government. Every state has a tax slab & deduction are made according to the slab provided by the government.

Tax Deductible Source:

TDS is the income tax deduction that is made primarily from the employer's end while giving salary to employees. These deductions are made according to the income tax slab provided. These deductions are a monthly persistent cycle of payment.

Payslip Format:

Pay Slip format is a chosen systematic structure for furnish financial information of an employee’s monthly salary. Every firm has its own payslip format. Some of the basic information indicators on a payslip shall contain the following detail, Basic salary, HRA, LTA, Medical Allowance, PF deduction, Professional Tax etc.