What is Data Science?

The term data science is increasing and today it is very common. Data science jobs are a combination of different tools, like algorithms, and machine learning principles with a goal to discover hidden patterns from the raw form of data

Data Scientist looks at the data from many patterns, sometimes angles are not known from earlier. First data science is used to make a decision and make use of predicted analysis, and machine learning.

Tips for starting a Career in Data Science

Take up a Course and Complete it

  • If you have decided on a role, the main logical thing is to put full effort to understand the role. It doesn't mean that you just going through the requirements of the role. The demanding for data scientists is big so many of courses and certifications are out there to hold your hand, you may learn what you want to. You can do is take up a MOOC which is freely available, or you also join an accreditation program which can take you through all the turns the role entails. The options of free vs paid are not the issue, the main objective should be where the course clears your basic and brings you to a suitable level, from which you can push on further.

When you do a course, do it actively. Follows the course, assignments and all the discussion happening around the course. example, if you want to be a machine learning engineer, you can choose up Machine learning by Andrew Ng. If you only doing a course end to end will give you a clear picture of the field.


3. Choose a Tool / Language and stick to it:

It is important for you to get an end-to-end experience of whichever job profile you pursue. A difficult question is getting hands-on is which language/tool can you choose? The straight-forward answer is to choose any of the mainstream tool/languages there is and start your career as data science. tools are not just meaning for the only implementation, but understand the concept is more important.

 Start with the easy of language or opt the one with which you are most familiar. if you are not as well with coding, you can prefer GUI based tools When you get a clear concept, you can get your hands-on with the coding part.

  • 4.JoinapeergroupI
  • If you know which role you want to choose and you are getting prepare for it, the main important thing for you would be to join a peer group.   because a peer group makes you motivated. Taking up a new field seems like a lot daunting when you do it alone, but if you have friends who are along with you, the task may seem a bit easier.

5. Focus on practical application and not only theory:

Undergoing courses and training, but you may also focus on the practical application of the thing you are learning. This will help you not only understand the concept but also give you a deeper sense of how it would be applied in reality.

 few tips you can do when following a course:

    •  you do all the assignments to understand the applications.
    • Work on a few open data sets and apply for job your learning. Even if you don’t understand the math behind a technique initially, what it does and how to interpret the results. You can develop a deeper understanding at a later stage.



6. Follow the right resource

 never stop learning, you have to gain each and every source of knowledge you can find. The most useful resource of this information is blogs run by the most influential Data Scientists. These Data Scientist are really active and update the follower on their finding and frequently post about the recent advancement in this field.

You make it your habit to be updated with the recent happening. But there may be many resources, influential data scientists to follow, and you have to be sure that you don’t follow the incorrect practices. it is very important to follow the right resources.



7. Improve your communication skills

Candidates don’t usually associate communication skills with rejections in roles of data science. Employers expect that if candidates are technically profound, they will ace the interview. Actually, it is not true. Ever been rejected in an interview, where the interviewer said thank you after listening to your introduction?

Once try this activity in front of your friend with good communication skills hear your intro and ask for honest feedback. He will definitely catch your fault.

Communication skills are more important when you are working in the field. To convey your ideas to a colleague or to prove your point in a meeting, you should know how to communicate efficiently in front of interviewer.


The demand for data science is vast and employers are investing their important time and money in Data Scientists.  the right steps will lead to exponential growth. This above guide provides tips that can get you started your career and help you to avoid some costly mistakes.


The conclusion of these topics is if you want to make your career as a data scientist you have gained this above knowledge.