Importance of campus selection in colleges.

Today is the generation of technology where India is the fast-growing economy in the world, which is constantly growing and become one of the largest places of marketing & strong.

India still has countless educational growth opportunities to explore. AICTE reported, in 2013, In India, more than 4,599 institutes exist which provide students with graduate degrees, diplomas, postgraduate diplomas in different fields such as hospitality management, architecture, information technology Jobs, engineering, tourism industry & much more. total of  17.4 lakh students was got enrolled colleges educational ecosystem is tremendous growing at a fast pace. Now India becomes leading education systems in the world. 35 million students pursuing higher education in India in the year of 2016-17.

Education & training jobs in Lucknow sector is expected to see a massive growth trend in years to come as India shall be the country with maximum tertiary age population & become one of the largest graduate centres at the end of 2020.

These students might be studying or at the stage of completion of a course.

In 2016, almost 799 professional universities had built up, wherein 49 central universities were brought into existence, 402 state-run universities, 124 deemed universities & 334 private universities.

the act of the state, 5 institutions were new established & 75  national institutes including IITs, IIMs, and NITs. 40,000 government degree colleges & private degree colleges were brought in existence with 1800  women colleges were established.

All this data though feels very impressive, but this also means job placements need to be at its prime to employ so many aspiring professionals.

Hence the concept of campus placement started making much sense.

Campus placement is a hiring process which aims at providing jobs to students by conducting walk-ins within the college campus.

One of the key agenda for campus recruitment is to select the best talent at an early stage to train them to make strong corporate workforce. It provides a strong platform to

students who have that quality to get desired jobs. Today's trend shows declining participation of students in various assignments & training jobs in Lucknow provided to them in their student years, this usually happens due to lack of awareness about the benefits of these training & projects in the future. Chandigarh & Delhi being on top of the list with 24.65% & 22.56% graduate.

However, it is very important to understand that projects & relevant training add to the skill of a candidate & thus he has the advantage to added value in his resume

According to the census, a total of 8.15% of the Indian population are graduates. finding a job after graduation can prove to be a hard nut to crack. Thus, the role of campus placement and some job portals proves to be quite effective to employ in youth. Good education, a reputed job & a loving family, isn’t this what most of us desire in life. We can manage a good education but getting the relevant job regarding your job profile can prove to be tricky especially in this global market.

Upon completion of a professional degree, the real struggle starts as a fresher to the searching job. So make sure you are well prepared for it & have opted for the right workshops, training, skills & internships to get the desired campus placement's, wherein an individual needs to fit in within the structure of modern corporate India. the role of career counsellor becomes more important.

Career counsellor mostly focused on giving a clear status to job seekers about the industry & various pros & cons of the industry. This helps the students to make clear & informed decision while choosing their future in a specific industry.

Career counselling helps an aspirant to boost his/her morale & be aware of the skills they possess. Every individual is different & thus possess a unique set of qualities that makes him/her fit in a frame of a specific industry.

Keep give your resume in brief: While interviewers mostly interview many candidates during a campus placement drive, they cannot read a resume in detailed. So make sure that your resume gives all the necessary information in a brief pattern & catchy.

Know about the company: Before you go for your interview, make sure that you know the company well. This study will help you to understand what exactly are the company's workplace policies, environment & what are the desired candidates they are looking.

Talking sensibly: like, a college student, who is about to complete his degree would not have professional expertise in his/her job profile yet, but whenever asked technical or situational questions, make sure your answers are relevant to the point. Domain knowledge is the key point related to your job. Try to give the best answer to recruiters. Be prepared for any Result: A campus walkin in colleges doesn’t guarantee a job.

This is something you need to remember before appearing for an interview. Give your best but don’t be disheartened about the outcome. Well dressed & behave like professionals: One of the main quality is which will make you stand apart from the others.